Making Industrial Automation Wireless

Enabling Your Machines & Production Lines to Do More
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Enabling Adaptive & Flexible Packaging Machines

Reduced Changeover Time, Multiple Product & Package Variations, Reduced Footprint
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Factory-Wide Connectivity Solutions

CoreTigo’s solution addresses a variety of industries, such as automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, metalworks, and more. These solutions drive operational efficiency, production optimization, higher availability, and greater intelligence to manage the business.
IO-Link Wireless Autonomous Mobile Robot

AMRs & Mobile Equipment

Independent and Reliable Wireless Control for Mobile Automation

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AMRs & Mobile Equipment

  • High-speed and reliable interaction
  • Deterministic communication in harsh environments
  • Supports multiple stations on the factory floor
  • Simple deployment various devices
  • Coexistence with various IT and OT communication systems
  • Simple access to multiple machine positions
IO-Link Wireless Crossbelt Sortation System

Crossbelt Sorters

Maximum Speed and Versatility

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Crossbelt Sorters

  • Increased Capacity
  • Ultra-Reliability
  • Resilient & Secure
  • Fast & Precise
  • Scalable
  • Cost Effective
Transport Tracks icon

Transport Tracks & Conveying Systems

Maximize Capacity & Adaptivity

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Transport Tracks & Conveying Systems

  • Increase capacity & perform actions while in motion
  • Enable a range of products/package types
  • Support multiple designs & materials in a singe machine
  • Reduce mechanical components & external equipment
  • Conduct monitoring & predictive maintenance on the go
Wireless Robotics logo

Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

Maximum Flexibility for End-of-Arm Solutions

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Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

  • Achieve full rotation flexibility & agility without interference
  • Enable efficient deployments & simple tool changeover
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance caused by cabling issues
  • Reduce end-of-arm payload
  • Save on cost of expensive high-torsion cables & accessories
Computer Monitoring Data

Condition Monitoring & IIOT

Reliable & Scalable Data Collection

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Condition Monitoring & IIOT

  • Simplify relocation & upgrades of existing machinery
  • Support fixed & fast moving components
  • Connect analog, digital & IO-Link devices
  • Reduce cable wear & tear and unplanned downtime
  • Scale to hundreds of wireless units in a work cell
  • Overcome RF, noise and hard to reach areas
Smart tooling icon

Smart Machine Tooling

Real-time Control & Monitoring at the Tooling Point

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Smart Machine Tooling

  • Achieve precise workpiece & tool setup automatically
  • Improve quality & performance via real-time measurement
  • Reduce inadequate clamping force safety hazards & damage
  • Enable early detection of deficiencies and wear & tear
  • Enhanced traceability & analytics
Machine Cog and Data Bar

Machine Optimization & Data Collection

Machine-centric Optimization & Tuning

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Machine Optimization & Data Collection

  • Centralize all machine data as if coming from a singe source
  • Enhance remote support & collaboration
  • Enable on-machine cause/effect investigation
  • Accelerate time-to-market R&D cycle
  • Optimize processes with optimal recipe tuning & msec resolution
  • Trace past & real-time data as it is being generated
Rotary Table

Rotary Tables & Carousels

Real-time Control & Monitoring on Rotating Components

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Rotary Tables & Carousels

  • Increase capacity & perform actions while in motion
  • Reduce wear & tear, component dependency & sterilization
  • Enable automatic changeover & rapid tooling setup
  • Simplify sensors & actuators add-ons

Enabling Adaptive and High-Performance Manufacturing

Machine Builders, Automation Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, and Manufacturing Facilities are harnessing CoreTigo’s wireless and machine optimization solutions to increase flexibility, adaptivity, and capacity while improving operational efficiency and sustainability.

Machine Builders - CoreTigo

Innovative Machine Design

CoreTigo’s solutions are creating new opportunities for machine builders in the deign and development of innovative machines. The elimination of wired communication constraints enables machines to be much more flexible and adaptive without needing to tradeoff capacity and throughput. Machine builders can now wirelessly control and monitor any fast moving or rotating component, and leverage IO-Link Wireless both for new machine designs and for retrofitting existing machines.
Andreas Graf
"The combination of the flexible electromagnetic product transport module we used in the customer machine and the CoreTigo technology, results in a minimal footprint and makes the line much more flexible. I’m sure, we will have many more opportunities to expand our collaboration in the future."

Andreas Graf


Manu Peelman
"We wanted to have communication that was at least as reliable as cable communication... Together with CoreTigo we had an amazing journey. For us IO-Link Wireless is the next step of creating smart machinery for the future of packaging machines, helping us to go the extra mile.

Manu Peelman

Principal Technical Program Manager

Automation Providers - CoreTigo

Intelligent Wireless Automation Solutions

Automation equipment manufacturers are leveraging CoreTigo’s technology and products to expand their product portfolio and enable intelligent wireless solutions. A broad range of sensor, actuator and I/O device providers are integrating IO-Link Wireless in a variety of products. These include grippers, pumps, valves, clamping systems, linear track systems, rotary tables, servo motors, IIOT Gateways, and more.
Ashwani Singh, PhD
“For the factory automation wireless communication is required to ensure operator mobility, and that the generated data (control & monitoring) is integrated. We have seen the limitation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee etc., and are now integrating IO-Link Wireless in our products".

Ashwani Singh, PhD

Global R&D Director at Telemecanique Sensors

Thomas Roth
"The core of our system is the measuring of the clamping force in real-time, during machining. Only cable-less IO-Link Wireless system enables this."

Thomas Roth

Director Business Development

Industrial System Integrators - CoreTigo

Improving Operational Efficiency for Greenfield and Brownfield Deployments

System Integrators, solution providers and distributors worldwide are driving operational efficiency by leveraging CoreTigo’s wireless connectivity that is designed specifically for factory automation and its broad ecosystem of automation partners and integrated products. Simple and rapid machine and production line retrofit is enabled, along with complete visibility throughout the factory, even at hard-to-reach places or fast-moving components. Integration to a variety of on-premises and cloud-based applications is done easily and intuitively.
Noby Fujiki
“CoreTigo’s technology helps us and our customers achieve new applications, intelligent solutions and increased flexibility. We are happy to provide the Japanese market with Industry 4.0 and IIoT advanced capabilities.”

Noby Fujiki


CoreTigo - Manufacturing Facilities

Industry 4.0 Communication Solutions on the Factory Floor

Mass customization, operational excellence and sustainability are fundamentally changing manufacturing. To compete, manufacturers need machines and production lines that are substantially more flexible, versatile, scalable, and cost-effective. Maximum adaptivity, along with higher throughput and downtime reduction are all common requirements as manufacturers advance towards Industry 4.0. CoreTigo’s solutions are breaking the limits for machine communication and enabling connectivity anywhere, in places that were not possible before, and creating adaptive, sustainable and more intelligent production lines.
Claudinei Marchetto Reche
"Moving towards the IIOT, the implementation of wireless sensors improves our monitoring quality, reduces manual operations and enables more frequent data capturing, thus boosting operational excellence and reducing risks. CoreTigo has been key for the success of this process."

Claudinei Marchetto Reche

President of LAM

IO-Link Wireless – From Wired to Wireless Factory Automation

A global wireless communication standard designed specifically for factory automation

Reliable Logo


Cable-grade reliability, deterministic, coexists with other networks, immune to industrial environments
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Low latency of 5 msec with ultra-high synchronization rates
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Supports a large number of devices while maintaining the required low latency and high reliability
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Part of the IO-Link IEC standard designed for both wireless control and monitoring


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