Boost Manufacturing with Intelligent and Flexible Wireless Solutions

Factory Automation is going wireless – machine builders, system integrators, and industrial equipment manufacturers are harnessing industrial cable-grade wireless communication to increase flexibility, adaptivity and modularity – increasing cost-effectiveness and productivity, while reducing downtime.

Achieving Industry 4.0 Adaptability with IO-Link Wireless

From “Industrie 4.0 Conference Stage” at Hannover Messe 2022, learn how ultra-reliable real-time wireless automation enhances machine independence and adaptivity.

Emerson Ventures Invests in CoreTigo

Emerson, a global industrial technology and software company, joins CoreTigo’s portfolio of well-known investors on its recent strategic and financial investment round, to reach the full potential of industry 4.0 and further drive industrial wireless automation.

 CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Product Portfolio

Watch the IO-Link Wireless Product Portfolio video
and learn how with CoreTigo’s end-to-end wireless solutions, your production lines and machines can now do much more.

Wireless Industrial Solutions

Independent Movers, Conveyors & Transport Track Systems

Easy Brownfield & Retrofit Solutions For Existing Machines

Machine Tooling & Rapidly Rotating Components


Watch the webinar by VAHLE and CoreTigo to learn how Wireless Data and Contactless Power enable new applications for Transport Track Systems and Packaging Machines.

World’s largest brewer, AB InBev Harnesses CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Technology for Advanced Manufacturing Solutions.

Learn how machine builder Cloostermans integrated IO-Link Wireless solutions to extend the flexibility offered by Rockwell’s iTRAK® based packaging machine.

Working Together for a Wireless Industrial World

Working With Industry Leaders