Wireless Industrial Solutions

Wireless Industrial Solutions

Enabling New ApplicationsEliminating Unplanned DowntimeReducing Overall Costs

Factory Automation is going wireless – machine builders, system integrators and industrial equipment manufacturers harness industrial cable-grade wireless communication to increase flexibility, adaptivity and modularity – increasing cost-effectiveness and productivity, while reducing downtime.

Benefits For
Packaging Machinery

Wireless communication enables using sensors and actuators on independent mover transport tracks, simple data collection, real-time control and other never-before possible packaging applications.

Industrial Leaders
Using IO-Link Wireless

Watch the “From Wired to Wireless Factory Automation Roundtable” at the Industry 4.0 Global Leaders Summit. Featuring some of the worlds’ top industrial leaders in various fields.

Get Started Easily
With IO-Link Wireless

It’s easy to start using IO-Link Wireless with the TigoStarter Evaluation and Development Kits. These contain all essential components required to setup an IO-Link Wireless environment.

Wireless Industrial Solutions

Independent Movers, Conveyors & Transport Track Systems

Easy Brownfield & Retrofit Solutions For Existing Machines

Machine Tooling & Rapidly Rotating Components


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