Adaptive Packaging Machine’s Multi-Carrier Track Gets Wireless Boost

| 12 June, 2023
CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless products and technology have been integrated into Rotzinger’s advanced packaging machinery, resulting in new and advanced capabilities that are driving maximum flexibility, throughput, and sustainability.
By using CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless products—which were designed specifically for wireless control and monitoring in factory automation—Rotzinger can now wirelessly control grippers that are mounted on the shuttles/carriers without needing additional external robots, cables, or other types of equipment.

Swiss packaging machine builder Rotzinger, a pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food and beverage machinery manufacturer, and CoreTigo, a provider of industrial wireless automation, were at interpack last month demonstrating an interesting controls-based collaboration. Devices on the shuttles/carriers on a linear track system are wirelessly controlled by CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless tech, allowing grippers on these carriers to perform tasks on the product while moving through the equipment. Discover how this cutting-edge technology transforms the industry in Packaging World, Healthcare PACKAGING, OEM Magazine,, PROFINEWS, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine, AUTOCAD Magazine, (German), Packaging Journal (German), Open Automation (German), Industrie Mag (French), and infoPLC (Spanish).