ARC European Industry Forum 2022

May, 2022 - Online

I4.0 Intelligent and Wireless Machine Tooling: The iJaw Smart Clamping case study

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    On 18 May 2022 CoreTigo & Röhm co-presented the “I4.0 Intelligent and Wireless Machine Tooling: The ijaw Smart Clamping case study” at the ARC European Industry Forum 2022, Wednesday, May 18, as part of the “IO-Link: Enabler of Digital Transformation” session.

    In this session, Röhm and CoreTigo focused on the convergence of IT and OT, illustrating via the iJaw case study how innovative solutions allows communication to flow seamlessly and work flawlessly at all levels of the factory.

    Click here to watch the recording. 

    To meet the demands of the Industry 4.0 revolution, tooling machines must evolve to address the new age manufacturers’ needs. However, tooling machines pose a unique challenge due to their rotating action. Gathering real-time data from the actual point of processing has great value for efficiency, safety, productivity, and traceability. Yet, integrating devices on the rotating end has been virtually impossible so far as no cables could be attached. With the unique and innovative sensory clamping jaw the “iJaw”, the clamping force can be measured in real-time during machining. With this, Röhm and CoreTigo solve a problem for which there was previously no accepted industrial solution: The clamping force is traditionally set by the operator of the machine tool and is a matter of experience. Errors during machining due to incorrect clamping force or workpiece loss are therefore common. The iJaw integrates the sensor technology for clamping force measurement as well as wireless data transmission in the clamping point on the jaw itself, for the first time ever. The measurements are all done in real-time and the data transmission flows directly to a gateway, using the IO-Link Wireless technology. The gateway can be connected to the machine control via the integrated PROFINET interface and/or sends the data to a cloud via the integrated LAN interface.

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