Clamping Force Measurement in Realtime


| 15 February, 2022
At the recent EMO exhibition in Milan, industrial wireless connectivity provider CoreTigo and clamping technology specialist Röhm unveiled the iJaw clamping jaw for the first time.
We have identified seven very different scenarios in which the iJaw offers significant added value,

Feb, 2022 – The iJaw integrates sensor technology for clamping force measurement and wireless data transmission. Measurement takes place directly at the clamping point to the workpiece; the data transmission to a gateway makes use of the upcoming industry-standard IO-Link Wireless.

Röhm sees the IO-Link Wireless protocol as the emerging standard in wireless communication in an industrial environment. Therefore, Röhm has secured exclusive use for applications in clamping technology from IO-Link wireless specialist CoreTigo for the development period of the iJaw technology as a development partner for the hardware components for wireless transmission.

Read more about the jointly developed iJaw by Röhm and CoreTigo:


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