PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA

Meet CoreTigo at PACK EXPO Las Vegas | September 11-13, 2023, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA

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    CoreTigo’s innovative adaptive packaging machine technology will be presented at Emerson’s booth (South Lower Hall, Booth 6107), demonstrated live at Rockwell Automation’s booth (South Lower Hall — SL-6127), and showcased through a video presentation at Rotzinger’s booth (South Upper Hall — SU-7113 — Confectionery Pavilion).  An example of this machine’s performance and the benefits arising from such technology can be found in this video.

    CoreTigo’s team will be on-site to meet visitors and discuss the key benefits and value for packaging experts:

    • Reduced Changeover Time: The adaptive packaging machine seamlessly switches between different product and package types, significantly reducing changeover time and enhancing overall efficiency.
    • Machine Footprint Reduction: With its compact and optimized design, the machine takes up less space and requires less external equipment and robotics.
    • Maximum Capacity: The adaptive machine operates at maximum capacity, optimizing productivity and throughput.
    • Full Flexibility: Supporting multiple product and package types, the machine offers unmatched flexibility, catering to diverse production requirements.
    • Sustainability: The reduction in energy consumption, space usage, and part requirements ensures an eco-friendlier manufacturing process, promoting resource efficiency.

    Meet Our Expert Team

    Reid Schook

    Reid Schook

    President CoreTigo Inc.
    Cameron Recknagel

    Cameron Recknagel

    Director of Channel Sales, North America


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