CoreTigo to Present IO-Link Wireless Solutions for Factory Automation at SPS Connect 2020

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| 17 November, 2020
Technology Stage Lecture on How IO-Link Wireless is Transforming Wireless Factory Communication – 25 November, 2020
See how Zimmer Group and CoreTigo have developed a joint solution based on the IO-Link Wireless standard which enables a reliable, flexible, cost-effective and simple wireless gripper for cobots, robots and other factory automation devices.

Nov, 2020 – Online private meetings with CoreTigo’s officials have already started and will take place up until the end of December 2020. These will feature key team members such as Board Director and former CEO of Siemens Factory Automation, Mr. Ralf Michael Franke; CEO & Co-Founder of CoreTigo, Mr. Eran Zigman; R&D, Marketing and Business Development officials. These will allow industry members 1 on 1 dedicated time to better get acquainted with the technology, the people behind it and explore potential opportunities.

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