From the SPS/IPC/Drives Show: PI Annual Press Conference -“IO-Link Wireless “Big Picture” Is Being Completed Step by Step”


| 17 December, 2017
This paper provides a high level description of the IO-Link Wireless protocol
Industry 4.0 requires data consistency from the sensor to the cloud.

Dec, 2017 – Profibus and Profinet International (PI) is the largest automation community in the world and responsible for Profibus and Profinet, the two most important enabling technologies in automation today.

Our vision was presented by PI Chairman, Mr. Karsten Schneider:

“IO-Link is well received by the market. This is verified impressively by the annual statistics of IO-Link nodes installed in the field. The constantly growing number of members worldwide also speaks volumes. This is the incentive for the working groups within the IO-Link Community to continue working steadily and consistently on their vision: The “Big Picture.”: IO-Link Wireless technology. The Marketing Working Group therefore initially worked on the requirements profile and formulated related use cases. Based on this, the technical specifications were defined in the appropriate Technology Working Group and the specification document was created.

The specification is currently under review by every device manufacturer in the world and should be released at the beginning of 2018. Industrie 4.0 requires data consistency from the sensor to the cloud. Because sensor data is the raw material for production plants in generation Industrie 4.0 and the much-discussed new business processes. For the IO-Link Community, this topic is part of the vision. Today, experts are already creating the preconditions for this and consider it a fixed part of the “Big Picture.”