Brownfield scenarios in industrial settings involve the integration of new technologies into existing projects or systems with legacy infrastructure. Unlike greenfield deployments, brownfield situations present challenges as organizations seek to upgrade or retrofit equipment with cutting-edge solutions while working within the constraints of preexisting systems. In these scenarios, the implementation of IO-Link Wireless technology becomes crucial for enabling wireless communication in an environment with legacy cabling and traditional wireless protocols.

In the context of brownfield deployments, where retrofitting existing equipment is a primary consideration, CoreTigo’s enclosed Device products, specifically the TigoBridge and TigoHub, play a vital role. TigoHub i4 serves as a Multiport I/O hub facilitating IO-Link Wireless connectivity for a variety of devices, including IO-Link, Digital, and Analog devices. It supports both Class A and Class B IO-Link devices, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications such as enhancing independent transport tracks, retrofitting machines for condition monitoring, and facilitating wireless connectivity for sensors and actuators on robots or cobots. TigoBridge Devices, on the other hand, are IO-Link Wireless Class A or Class B Bridges designed for reliable wireless connectivity in harsh industrial environments. TigoBridge seamlessly converts various industrial devices to IO-Link Wireless, offering a flexible and dependable solution for retrofitting existing machinery with wireless capabilities. In brownfield scenarios, where the objective is to modernize and improve existing systems, CoreTigo’s enclosed Devices provide the means to integrate IO-Link Wireless technology efficiently and effectively.

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