Class B (IO-Link)

Class B (IO-Link)

Class B IO-Link ports are a type of interface used in industrial automation for IO-Link communication. These ports have distinct characteristics compared to Class A. In Class B ports, Pin 2 and Pin 5 are tied to a separate power source and cannot be used for I/O functions. This separation of power sources, especially for Pin 5 (the ground for output power) and Pin 3 (the ground for device power), makes Class B ports suitable for devices like valve banks, which can utilize separate output power that can be turned off through safety relays. Class B ports are particularly useful for applications where power isolation is essential. It’s important to note that Class B does not provide extra power but offers output power with isolated commons. When using Class B masters, it’s crucial to ensure that the power supplies feeding the devices are also isolated to maintain proper isolation. Compatibility with Class A devices is possible in most cases, as long as the device’s Pin 2 is not in use or not needed. However, some sensors may have more than three pins, so compatibility should be verified to avoid damaging the device.

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