In industrial automation, a device refers to a physical tool, or instrument designed to execute specific functions, facilitating tasks, operations, communication, or control within a system. When incorporating IO-Link Wireless technology, an IO-Link Wireless device becomes an integral component of this ecosystem. These devices, which can include sensors, actuators, hubs, and mechatronic components, are not only capable of performing their designated tasks but also possess the intelligence to interact with the IO-Link Master through wireless communication. This enables seamless integration into real-time Ethernet networks, enhancing flexibility in automation processes. IO-Link Wireless devices, unlike their traditional counterparts, eliminate the need for physical connections, which is especially valuable in applications involving robots with high degrees of freedom or locations where wired solutions are impractical. These devices offer real-time diagnostic capabilities, enabling proactive maintenance and improved production efficiency, all while contributing to the realization of Industry 4.0 principles in modern manufacturing.

Device - TigoCounter

One of CoreTigo's products is the TigoCounter, an IO-Link Wireless Counter Device

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