Greenfield refers to a scenario in industrial settings where new projects or systems are implemented without any existing infrastructure or legacy equipment. It represents a clean slate, allowing organizations to build and deploy innovative solutions from the ground up, often leveraging the latest technologies and approaches. In a greenfield deployment, there are no constraints imposed by preexisting systems, offering flexibility and the potential for optimized designs that align with current industry standards.

In the realm of IO-Link Wireless, CoreTigo’s system-on-module products are particularly beneficial in greenfield deployments, where the absence of existing infrastructure allows for the integration of IO-Link Wireless into new equipment in a greenfield manner. CoreTigo’s System-on-Module devices, exemplified by the TigoMaster 2T SOM and TigoAir 2 SOM, play a pivotal role in this context, facilitating the creation of IO-Link Wireless equipment with ease and efficiency.

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