Independent Cart Technology (ICT)

Independent Cart Technology (ICT)

Independent Cart Technology (ICT) is a revolutionary advancement in linear motor-based conveyor systems, replacing traditional mechanical components with magnets for precise and frictionless motion control. 

This innovative technology reduces energy consumption, minimizes moving parts, and allows for quick load start and stop capabilities without compromising control or causing wear on components. 

In contrast to traditional motion control systems that rely on mechanical elements like chains, belts, and gears, ICT employs efficient software profiles, significantly enhancing speed and flexibility in automation.

It offers a modular, scalable, and adaptable design, with multi-phase motors and drives that can be configured into various shapes. ICT greatly improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by streamlining setup and changeovers, enhancing product reliability, and enabling rapid delivery of personalized products.

What is Independent Cart Technology (ICT)?

Independent Cart Technology is a system that utilizes autonomous mobile carts to transport materials within a production facility. These carts navigate independently using sensors, onboard computers, and pre-programmed routes. 

ICT eliminates the need for traditional fixed conveyor systems and offers greater flexibility and efficiency in material handling operations.

Key Features of ICT:

ICT empowers autonomous material handling with the following features:

  • Autonomous Navigation: ICT carts employ sensors and software to navigate designated paths within the facility without human intervention.
  • Flexibility: ICT systems can easily adapt to changing production layouts and material flow requirements.
  • Scalability: Additional carts can be readily integrated into the system to accommodate increased production needs.

ICT is particularly beneficial in environments that require high flexibility and rapid changeovers. It eliminates the bottlenecks associated with conventional conveyors, enabling smoother transitions between different production stages.

How Does Independent Cart Technology Work?

ICT involves the use of linear motors, that generate motion through electromagnetic forces. These motors are embedded within the track, propelling the carts without needing physical contact.

The movement of each cart is controlled by sophisticated software that uses real-time data to adjust speed, direction, and position. This level of control is achieved through a combination of sensors, communication networks, and control algorithms. The sensors collect data on the cart’s position and environment, while the communication networks relay this information to the central control system.

The control algorithms process the data and send commands to the linear motors, ensuring precise and coordinated movement. This seamless integration of hardware and software enables ICT to perform complex tasks with high accuracy. 

Applications of ICT

From streamlining assembly lines to optimizing warehouse operations, ICT carts handle diverse tasks, improving the facility’s operations.

  • Assembly Lines: ICT carts can deliver parts and components to assembly stations, streamlining production processes.
  • Warehousing: ICT facilitates automated material movement within warehouses, improving picking, packing, and inventory management.
  • Work-in-Process (WIP) Management: ICT enables the efficient movement of WIP materials between production stages.

With the right communication protocol, ICT can take the factory or warehouse operation to the next level.

ICT and IO-Link Wireless 

IO-Link Wireless can enhance ICT operations by providing a seamless way for sensors and actuators to communicate with the control station. 

The wireless communication technology allows the remote control of the carts through actuators, which gives them new capabilities. Since each cart moves freely without any restrictions, it turns into a separate manufacturing machine. 

Without the need for cables, independent cart technology can provide higher-quality results on the factory floor

Learn more about CoreTigo’s industrial wireless solutions. 

Independent Cart Technology (ICT) CoreTigo
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