IP65, within the framework of Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Ratings), denotes a high level of protection for electrical products against solid objects and liquids. The first digit signifies the protection against solid objects, with a rating of 6 indicating that the product is dust-tight and fully secure against the ingress of fine particles. The second digit, a rating of 5, indicates protection against water jets from all directions, ensuring the device remains functional even when exposed to low-pressure water jets. In summary, IP65 signifies robust protection against both dust and water, making it suitable for challenging environments.

In the context of CoreTigo’s products, the TigoHub i4 is an IP65 Multiport I/O hub designed to facilitate IO-Link Wireless connectivity for various devices, including IO-Link, Digital, and Analog devices. Analog devices can be connected via TigoConverter. This multiport hub allows the connection of up to 4 IO-Link devices or a combination of 6 IO-Link/DIO devices, all of which can be converted to IO-Link Wireless. The TigoHub i4 supports both Class A and Class B IO-Link devices, offering versatility in industrial applications. Its IP65 rating makes it well-suited for environments where protection against dust and water ingress is crucial. The applications of the TigoHub i4 include enhancing transport track systems, machine retrofit for condition monitoring, and facilitating wireless connectivity for sensors and actuators on robots or cobots, thereby increasing flexibility and reducing cabling, payload, and maintenance efforts.

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