IP67, in the context of Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Ratings), signifies a high level of protection for electrical products against both solid objects and liquids. The first digit, 6, indicates that the product is dust-tight, providing complete protection against the ingress of fine particles. The second digit, 7, signifies that the device is capable of withstanding immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter for a duration of 30 minutes. IP67-rated devices are well-protected against dust and water, making them suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.

In the realm of CoreTigo’s products, the TigoBridge A2 and B2, along with the TigoBridge A1 and B1, are IO-Link Wireless Class A and Class B Bridges that boast an IP67 enclosure. These devices provide reliable wireless connectivity in harsh industrial settings, equipped with external or internal antennas and robust M12 connectors for data and power. The TigoBridge seamlessly converts various industrial devices to IO-Link Wireless, supporting the connection of IO-Link sensors, digital and analog sensors/actuators, and IO-Link multiport hubs. These bridges find application in machine retrofit for condition monitoring, wireless connections on robotic systems, and enhancements to transport track and conveying systems. Additionally, the TigoMaster 2TH, an industrial-grade IP67 IO-Link Wireless Master, supports up to 16 IO-Link Wireless devices simultaneously and is employed in diverse industrial applications such as machine retrofit, predictive maintenance, intelligent machine tooling, and wireless end-of-arm tooling for robots. The TigoCounter, also IP67-rated, serves as an IO-Link Wireless Counter device used for various industrial applications, including object counting on conveyors, motor rotation counting, and power consumption metering. The IP67 rating ensures the durability and reliability of these CoreTigo products in challenging environmental conditions.

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