Machine Tooling

Machine Tooling

Machine tooling is the process of obtaining or manufacturing components, machines, and equipment essential for production in manufacturing processes. It encompasses various tools like fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting tools, and patterns, all playing a pivotal role in determining the lifecycle, quality, and cost of a product. Effective machine tooling is vital for producing high-quality products, increasing product life cycles, ensuring correct functionality, and significantly impacting the efficiency of production chains. The tooling process varies depending on the type of manufacturing, and understanding the appropriate tooling method is crucial for producing reliable and high-quality products.

IO-Link Wireless facilitates real-time communication during machining, allowing seamless and flawless operation at all levels of the factory. The measured data is transmitted in real-time to a gateway, which can be connected to the machine control or sent to the cloud. This underscores how IO-Link Wireless plays a crucial role in enabling instantaneous communication on the machine tool, enhancing the efficiency and intelligence of Industry 4.0 machine tooling.

The iJaw Smart Clamping case study presented by Röhm and CoreTigo exemplifies intelligent and wireless machine tooling. The iJaw, an innovative clamping jaw, integrates sensor technology for real-time clamping force measurement and wireless data transmission directly at the clamping point. This addresses a unique challenge in tooling machines where integrating devices on the rotating end was previously impossible due to the inability to attach cables.

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