Packet Error Rate (PER)

Packet Error Rate (PER)

Packet Error Rate (PER) is a key metric used to assess the quality and dependability of data transmission within a communication system. It is represented as the ratio of incorrectly received data packets to the total number of packets transmitted, often expressed as a percentage or fraction. In wireless communication systems, data is typically transmitted in packets, and PER helps gauge the impact of factors like noise, interference, fading, or other disruptions on the overall performance of the system.

IO-Link Wireless offers a high PER of 1e-9, signifying a level of data packet that is six orders of magnitude more reliable than wireless standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee which typically operate with a PER of 1e-3. This considerable variance in reliability emphasizes the superiority of IO-Link Wireless in ensuring precise and consistent data transmission.

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