PROFINET, a portmanteau for Process Field Network, is an open Industrial Ethernet solution that serves as an industry technical standard for data communication in industrial systems. Introduced in the early 2000s, PROFINET is designed to exchange data between controllers (such as PLCs, DCSs, or PACs) and various devices, including I/O blocks, vision systems, RFID readers, drives, process instruments, proxies, and other controllers. It stands out for its ability to deliver data under tight time constraints, providing fast and deterministic communication crucial for industrial automation environments. PROFINET employs standard Ethernet as its communication medium, allowing for the coexistence of other Ethernet protocols within the same infrastructure, such as OPC UA, SNMP, MQTT, or HTTP.

In the context of IIoT and IO-Link Wireless, PROFINET plays a pivotal role in facilitating communication between controllers and devices within an industrial network. CoreTigo’s TigoMaster 2TH, an industrial-grade IP67 IO-Link Wireless Master platform, as well as TigoGateway 1TE, and TigoGateway 2TC, industrial grade IP20 -Link Wireless Master platforms, support PROFINET along with other Industrial Ethernet protocols. This integration enables seamless connectivity between IO-Link Wireless devices and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), contributing to real-time data exchange and communication. The versatility of PROFINET, with its support from numerous manufacturers and ability to ensure fast and deterministic data transfer, aligns with the requirements of industrial automation, making it a valuable component in the implementation of industrial solutions.

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