Robust (Modulation)

Robust (Modulation)

Robust (Modulation) refers to a communication modulation technique, such as Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) modulation, which exhibits a high degree of resilience to interferences and noise in harsh industrial environments. In the context of IO-Link Wireless and factory automation, robust modulation plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable and low-latency wireless communication, meeting the stringent requirements of Industry 4.0. Robust modulation techniques like GFSK help maintain a high level of communication reliability and reduce the susceptibility of wireless devices to disruptions caused by interference, making it a key component of the IO-Link Wireless standard, enabling seamless and dependable communication from sensors and actuators to industrial Ethernet and beyond. This robust modulation is a vital element for achieving high-performance industrial-grade wireless communication in challenging factory settings.

IO-Link Wireless is a global standard for wireless factory automation communication that addresses the limitations of traditional wired and wireless communication methods on the factory floor. It leverages robust modulation techniques and offers high reliability, low latency, scalability, deterministic communication, and the ability to handle harsh industrial conditions. By replacing cables with wireless communication, IO-Link Wireless enables flexible, cost-effective, and agile connectivity at the machine level, supporting both control and monitoring applications, making it a key enabler for the demands of Industry 4.0.

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Robust (Modulation)