SOM (System on Module)

SOM (System on Module)

A System-on-Module (SOM) is a compact, production-ready printed circuit board (PCB) that includes key components of an embedded processing system, including microprocessors, memory, and peripheral interfaces. It is designed to be integrated into end systems, such as industrial Masters, Sensors, Actuators, and other devices. A SOM simplifies the development process by providing a pre-designed module that can be mounted onto a carrier board with necessary connectors for power and external communications. This modular approach significantly reduces development times, lowers costs, and offers flexibility for a wide range of applications, making it an attractive solution for software, hardware, and AI developers.

IO-Link Wireless is a wireless communication standard for industrial automation that allows devices like sensors and actuators to connect to control systems. The “TigoAir 2 SOM”, and “TigoMaster 2T SOM” are examples of SOMs specialized for designing and building IO-Link Wireless Devices. These include the IO-Link Wireless radio and associated hardware components, along with the necessary software stack for IO-Link Wireless Devices. These modules can be embedded in various industrial equipment, to enable wireless connectivity and data exchange, simplifying the integration of IO-Link Wireless technology into industrial automation systems.

TigoAir 2 SOM CNC

TigoAir-2-SOM specialized for designing and building IO-Link Wireless Devices

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