Sortation Systems

Sortation Systems

Sorting systems refer to automated processes that utilize algorithms, hardware, and task-specific software to identify, process, and divert items within a warehouse or distribution center. These systems play a crucial role in modernizing warehouse management, providing benefits such as improved sorting efficiency, correction of inventory and order accuracy, increased order processing speed, streamlined warehouse operations, minimized human errors, reduced labor costs, and optimized floor space. Sorting systems range from simple to complex, with options like robotic, crossbelt, and conveyor sortation that can be tailored to specific needs, ensuring efficient distribution center operations and flexibility for future growth.

IO-Link Wireless offers a wireless crossbelt sortation solution that enhances the efficiency of sorting systems by offering high-speed and high-capacity sortation capabilities. The IO-Link Wireless technology, exemplified by CoreTigo’s solution, provides ultra-reliable real-time wireless data communication for servo motors on crossbelt carriers. The system employs IO-Link Wireless Multiport Hubs or Bridges on carriers, facilitating connectivity for multiple sensors and actuators. The IO-Link Wireless Master communicates wirelessly with all devices on the carriers, connecting to the sorting system’s PLC for automation control and other enterprise applications. This wireless communication solution ensures unparalleled reliability, scalability, and security in high-speed, industrial automation environments, allowing for the seamless and agile sorting of packages while in constant motion.

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