How IO-Link Wireless Enables Flexibility and Capacity

The JOURNAL by Rockwell Automation

| 11 October, 2023
The IO-Link Wireless standard helps manufacturers optimize production to operate with reduced manual operations and changeovers and increased throughput
Reid Schook
"When manufacturers adopt IO-Link Wireless, production lines and machines can operate with reduced manual operations and changeovers, a smaller machine footprint and increased throughput. This opens new possibilities for machine adaptivity and overcomes connectivity constraints on the plant floor."

Reid Schook

President, CoreTigo Inc

Learn how the IO-Link Wireless standard revolutionizes factory automation connectivity and machine design. See how it reduces/eliminates changeover time while maximizing flexibility & throughput.

Read here the full article by Reid Schook, President, CoreTigo Inc. from “The JOURNAL” magazine by Rockwell Automation.