How IO-Link Wireless is enabling Industry 4.0

Power System Design Magazine

| 2 November, 2023
IO Link Wireless. A global standard for wireless communication in industrial automation.
Without the limitations of cabling, wireless systems can provide more flexibility and modularity. There is no difference in how IO-Link Wireless data is processed, compared to the existing IO-Link standard, thus simplifying implementation.

Roland Gémesi, Senior Systaems Engineer, Kiruba Subramani, Senior Systems Engineer, Silicon Labs, Gabi Daniely, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Ofer Blonskey, Chief Technology Officer, CoreTigo

For Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), wireless connectivity is a must. Traditional wireless is not suitable, as it cannot both control and monitor production machinery and does not meet industrial standards for latency, reliability, and scalability. Read this article by Silicon Labs and CoreTigo and discover how IO-Link Wireless provides a proven solution for both new machines and retrofitting existing equipment, and meets the latency and reliability standards for monitoring and control use cases.