Wireless Factory Automation for a Variety of Industries

Enabling Machines and Production Lines to Do More

CoreTigo’s solutions are addressing a variety of industries, such as automotive, food and beverage, metalworking, pharmaceutical, CPG, and logistics. These solutions are enabling machines and production lines to do more by expanding their flexibility and capacity in a cost-effective manner. Smart ultra-reliable wireless communication in the factory is enabling applications not possible before that are driving operational efficiency, production optimization, higher availability, sustainability and greater intelligence.

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CoreTigo and Rotzinger's adaptive packaging machine

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Suitable for a variety of CPG industry types, such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Electronics. Key benefits include changeover time reduction, adaptive packaging machine design, increased capacity, and downtime reduction.

Automotive - CoreTigo


Serving Automobile Manufacturers, first and second tier manufacturers. Key benefits include increased capacity, sustainability, and complexity reduction.



Crossbelt system with IO-Link Wireless


Applicable for distribution centers, smart warehouses and material handling. Key benefits include higher sortation speeds, predictive maintenance, increased flexibility and workflow automation.

Discrete Manufacturing - CoreTigo

Discrete Manufacturing

Suitable for a variety of industries, such as Metalworking, Woodworking, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Steel and Stone Manufacturing. Key benefits include machine optimization, predictive maintenance, workflow automation and increased capacity.