Wireless Factory Automation for a Variety of Industries

Enabling Machines and Production Lines to Do More

CoreTigo’s solutions are addressing a variety of industries, such as automotive, food & beverage, metalworks, pharmaceutical, CPG, and more. These solutions are enabling machines and production lines to do more by expanding their flexibility and capacity in a cost-effective manner. Smart ultra-reliable wireless communication in the factory is enabling applications not possible before that are driving operational efficiency, production and machine optimization, higher availability, sustainability and greater intelligence to manage the business.

Consumer Packaged Goods - CoreTigo

Consumer Packaged Goods

Enabling adaptive and fast packaging lines with solutions for primary, secondary, tertiary packaging and material handling.
Robotic arms working on Automotive - CoreTigo


Optimizing assembly processes with wireless control and monitoring solutions
Pharmaceuticals - CoreTigo


Flexible packaging solutions at maximum capacity, without tradeoffs
Metalworks - CoreTigo


Enabling intelligent tooling solutions for machine optimization and maximum precision
Logistics - CoreTigo


Enabling smart warehouse and handling solutions with wireless transport systems and condition monitoring