Discover the many benefits of using industrial wireless automation solutions in automotive

IO-Link WIRELESS FOR Automotive

The automotive production line is characterized by many challenges. As the process of creating a new vehicle is complex and consists of various and different phases, complimentary advanced solutions are required. IO-Link Wireless provides utilizing the process machinery in a more profound way and further automate the process – reducing human-related errors. It also contributes to human safety by enabling real-time control & monitoring, enableing the use of robots in new places in the process, moving humans out of harms’ way.

Wireless Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

Enhancing the metal sheet cutting & stamping process

Utilizing CoreTigo's industrial wireless capabilities enables a more productive, flexible, and agile stamping process. While some of the stamping process is being done by machines, many parts of it is still being processed manually, due to a lack of flexibility in the process line. IO-Link Wireless based solutions enable the automation of these parts, making it more efficient.

Refining the welding process by unbinding robotic arms

While the welding part of the automotive manufacturing is done mostly by robotic arms, in most plants it is far from being optimized. Heavy and complex cabling burden the robots, making them slower, subjected to greater wear & tear, consuming more power and not being able to use their full reach. Using IO-Link Wireless connectivity removes the boundaries and limitations caused by communication cabling, allowing each robot to perform better, faster and more accurately.

Create an efficient painting process

Following the welding process, cable-grade wireless connectivity enables a fully automated painting process, from the undercoat, through middle coat and to the top coat and paint quality assurance phase. Allowing the painting tool mounted robotic arms to reach new and had to reach places and mounting sensors for inspection results in a clean, clear and automated vehicle painting process.

Finalizing the assembly & quality assurance with wireless connectivity

Being required to perform accurate, quick, and efficient full-assembly of the vehicle, IO-Link Wireless based applications empower the now automated phase. After attaching the various parts, such as the engine, mechanical parts, tires, electrical systems and more, a full quality assurance is done in ways not possible before, cutting down on human-errors.

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