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IO-Link Wireless for Metalworking and Intelligent Machine Tooling

Tooling machines (such as CNC, Milling and Grinding) pose a unique challenge due to their very high-speed rotating action and harsh industrial conditions. Integrating devices at the rotating end has been virtually impossible so far, as no cables could be attached. Gathering reaI-time data from the actuaI point of processing has great value for efficiency, safety, productivity, and traceability.

Reliable communication is a key and necessary component for connectivity to the rotating devices. IO-Link Wireless is the only industrial-grade wireless technology to consider for such applications. With a deterministic low latency, cable-grade reliability and resilience to interferences, it can withstand rotations at thousands of RPMs and noisy environments.

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Use Cases

Intelligent and precise data-driven machine optimization

Excessive clamping forces can be problematic for machining, causing deformation. In addition, for machining that extends over long periods, it is needed to ensure that clamping force does not decline over time. CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless solution enables the measurement of clamping forces during machining in real time, recording of the different physical influences on the applied clamping force, and accordingly machine tool tuning based on analysis of the data.

Know ahead of time when your machine tools require maintenance

Evaluation of the applied forces over time and their comparison with current forces helps predict upcoming maintenance and or repairs. As efficiency gradually declines with each machining cycle, the most accurate data needs to be analyzed to predict the ideal time for maintenance. A wireless solution enables the highest precision of data collected at the tooling point while machining.

Precise Positioning for Optimal Operation

Clamping devices must be precisely positioned relative to the rotation axis of the workpiece to prevent additional forces on the workpiece and tooling. Precise measurement of these additional forces enables the identification of axial displacements. As a result, additional clamping devices can be optimally adjusted to the workpiece.

Simple, Industrial-grade and Scalable Wireless Monitoring - Anywhere

Metalworking production lines include a broad range of discrete machines. Data needs to be collected throughout the factory – anywhere and without exceptions. Access to data from sensors across the factory enables powerful analysis and decision-making in addition to optimization of manufacturing planning and processes. IO-Link Wireless enables access at the lowest level of automation, on the machine and in the machine tools, with seamless and cable-free data collection even in the harshest of conditions in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

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