IO-Link User Workshop Greenville, SC, United States 2023

June 13, 2023 I Greenville, SC, United States

Visit CoreTigo at the IO-Link User Workshop I June 13, 2023 I Greenville, SC, United States

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    At the IO-Link User Workshop and Microfair, visitors met our wireless experts and watched demonstrations of CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless technology.

    The User Workshop was designed for:

    • End-Users
    • OEMs / Machine Builders
    • System Integrators / Distributors
    • Manufacturers of automation devices

    Topics covered included Background, Interface and Protocol, Higher-level Integration, Application Use-Cases, Diagnostics, Profiles, Safety and more.

    Meet Our Expert Team

    Reid Schook

    Reid Schook

    President CoreTigo Inc.


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