IO-Link Wireless Ready to Use

open automation

| 6 April, 2021
Gabi Daniely, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at CoreTigo
Innerhalb von drei Jahren haben wir uns nun vom Start-up-Status zu dem Weltmarktführer für IO-Link-Wireless-Systemlösungen entwickelt.

Apr, 2021 – Technological developments and innovations are key to major industry leaps, yet do not evolve at the same pace in all fields.  IT has advanced significantly over time at several levels, including wireless communication such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular, and in recent years reached new heights with 5G and IOT, however OT did not advance accordingly. Recent developments though, in the Industrial world, have expedited its evolution. Smart machines and processes, and the development of wireless industrial communication are key drivers in the convergence of IT and OT and consequently the IIOT.

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