Packaging Machine Solutions Make an Evolutionary Leap with CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Communication

AI Technology Insights

| 4 July, 2021
CoreTigo unleashes the full potential of packaging machinery, overriding traditional limitations through high-performance wireless control technology.
Being considered an integral part of the future of Packaging Machinery, CoreTigo was invited to speak at the “PACK to the Future” stage at the upcoming PACK EXPO, taking place in Las Vegas.

Jul, 2021 – Packaging Machinery professionals use IO-Link Wireless to drive machine flexibility, adaptivity and capacity to new levels. Designed for industrial automation, the cable-grade reliable and scalable communications protocol and complementary products prove to be a necessity for Packaging in the Industry 4.0 era. As the need for mass customization, handling different materials, sizes and shapes of packaging, elimination of changeover time and collection of data from anywhere for analytics and predictive maintenance are critical – it is clear that new communication methods are required for packaging machinery.

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