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CoreTigo Product Portfolio

CoreTigo’s products enable faster and more flexible manufacturing by providing high-performance machine digitalization, wireless connectivity and edge solutions for machine builders, system integrators and industrial equipment manufacturers. The portfolio includes a diverse set of hardware and software products that are designed specifically for industrial environments. The products offer off-the-shelf options for immediate connectivity and operation, in addition to embedded products and modules for integration into sensors, actuators and other devices. CoreTigo’s products are based on the IO-Link Wireless global standard, which is fit for harsh factory environments and motion control applications, providing the most reliable wireless connectivity for millions of industrial devices worldwide.

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CoreTigo's Solution Architecture

CoreTigo's product architecture
CoreTigo's product architecture- mobile

IO-Link Wireless Starter Kits

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IO-Link Wireless - Designed for Factory Automation

The new standard for the the manufacturing need for interoperable wireless communication between sensors, actuators and controllers.

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Cable-grade reliability, deterministic, coexists with other networks, immune to industrial environments
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Low latency of 5 msec with ultra-high synchronization rates
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Supports a large number of devices while maintaining the required low latency and high reliability
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Part of the IO-Link IEC standard designed for both wireless control and monitoring
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