TigoAir 2 SOM

IO-Link Wireless Device System-on-Module

TigoAir 2 SOM IO-Link Wireless Device Embedded Module

TigoAir 2 SOM is an embedded system-on-module for designing and building IO-Link Wireless Devices, such as industrial wireless sensors and actuators. The module Includes the IO-Link Wireless radio and physical components along with CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Device software stack. Typical applications include embedding the TigoAir 2 SOM in grippers, vacuum pumps, valves, vibration sensors, load cells and more.

Product Highlights

Small Footprint

TigoAir 2 SOM enables integration inside a broad range of devices due to its small footprint of 11x18mm


Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoAir 2 SOM provides an ultra-high reliability of 1 e-9 PER (Packer Error Rate), which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems

Low Latency

Enables development of an IO-Link Wireless Device that can communicate with an IO-Link Wireless Master at a low latency of 5msec.


Immunity to noisy industrial environments, flexible external antenna connection, coexists with other wireless networks

Simple Development

TigoAir 2 SOM includes an SDK, reference code and samples to enable a smooth and simple development

Variety of Applications

• Embedded in condition monitoring sensors such as vibration, air flow and load cells
• Embedded in CNC machine clamping tools, such as jaws, vices and cylinders, for machine optimization and predictive maintenance
• Embedded in grippers and vacuum pumps that are mounted on robotic end of arm or on independent mover systems
• Embedded in valves and servo motors for control on rotating equipment such as rotary tables and carousels



11mm X 18mm


IO-Link Wireless Radio Transceiver for 2.4GHz ISM band


32Bits ARM® Cortex®-M4 Core with up to 40MHz operating frequency 512KB Flash memory and 64KB RAM


• IO-Link Wireless Device Stack
• SWD/JTAG programming and debug


U.FL connector for external antenna (50 Ohm)


Optional Push button input


Optional LED control output


• Input voltage 2-3.3V
• Ultra low power consumption capabilities (optional)

Certifications and Approvals

• Suitable for Systems Targeting Compliance With: CE, FCC, UL, Japan and other regional
• FCC Modular Approval
• REACH & RoHS complied


TigoAir 2 SOM - CT210-0322-10
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