TigoAir SOM

TigoAir is an integrated System-on-Module that enables IO-Link Wireless connectivity for industrial applications. It is based on the TigoRFcore radio module.
TigoAir is an embedded module for designing and building IO-Link Wireless sensors, actuators or I/O hubs. TigoAir includes an IO-Link Wireless radio and an upper-layer stack with an MCU that can run the device application.


  • Dimensions
    • 11mm X 17mm
  • Radio
    • TigoRFcore radio module for 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Microcontroller
    • STM32L431CC Cortex™-M4 MCU up to 80MHz with 256KB Flash memory
    • 64Kb EEPROM
  • Power
    • The board is operated by 3.3V voltage supply
  • Firmware
    • IOLW Device Stack or IOLW Master Lower Stack
    • SWD\JTAG programming and debug
  • Antenna
    • Integrated internal chip antenna
    • FL connector for optional external antenna (50 Ohm)
  • I/O
    • UART with Flow Control – 4 wire (2 wire if using SPI)
    • SPI – Full duplex master
    • 2 x I2C buses
    • 2 x Timer IO (Capture, compare, PWM)
    • 2 x Analog inputs
    • 2 x Analog outputs
    • 4 x GPIO
  • Button
    • Push button input
  • LED
    • LED control output
  • SOM interface
    • The SOM interface is through its footprint on the bottom side of the board, and contains a total of 44 pads for power and signals (communication buses, digital IOs, analog inputs, programming and debug).
    • The MCU pin-out configuration allows for operation of most pins as GPIOs if not used with any specific functionality.
    • Integrated ADC 12 bits


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