TigoBridge A1/B1

IO-Link Wireless Bridge

TigoBridge A1/B1 - IO-Link Wireless Class A/B Bridges

TigoBridge A1/B1 are IO-Link Wireless Class A/B Bridges with an IP67 enclosure. It seamlessly and easily converts IO-Link devices to IO-Link Wireless. The TigoBridge houses an internal antenna and two M12 connectors for data and power. TigoBridge is a device that connects a wired IO-Link device, via IO-Link Wireless, to an IO-Link Wireless Master. A device can be an IO-Link sensor, IO-Link actuator or IO-Link multiport I/O hub.


TigoBridge can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as:

  • Machine retrofit, for converting sensors (such as vibration, air flow) to IO-Link Wireless devices for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Rotating components, such as rotary tables where the Bridge can be connected to clamps, valves and sensors on board the rotary table
  • Enhancing independent transport track and conveying systems by connecting the Bridge to devices such as grippers and vacuum pumps on the movers
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Product Highlights

Simple Setup

TigoBridge offers a simple connection to existing sensors, and a rapid intuitive pairing process with an IO-Link Wireless Master


Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoBridge A1/B1 provides an ultra-high reliability of 1 e-9 PER (Packer Error Rate), which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems


Industrial-grade design, IP67 rated, immunity to noisy industrial environments, none line of sight communication, coexists with other wireless networks

Multiple Devices

Supports a variety of devices, such as sensors, actuators and multiport I/O hubs



42mm X 32mm X 30mm (excluding M12 connectors)

IO-Link Interface



  • Supply Voltage in – 18-32V
  •  Physical interface – M12


  •  IO-Link – RGB three color LED
  • Power – Green color LED


Pairing – external push button


Internal antenna


Mounting bracket

Ingress Protection



  • TigoBridge A1 – CT221-0057-03
  •  TigoBridge B1 – CT231-0057-01
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