IO-Link Wireless Counter Device

TigoCounter - IO-Link Wireless Counter

TigoCounter is an IO-Link Wireless Counter device which connects to a Digital output and enables object counting capabilities along with transmission of the data wirelessly to an IO-Link Wireless Master. It is used for a variety of industrial applications, such as object counting of products on a moving conveyor, motor rotation counting or power consumption metering.

TigoCounter Highlights

Simple Setup

TigoCounter offers a simple connection to existing sensors/devices, and a rapid intuitive pairing process with an IO-Link Wireless Master


The TigoCounter eliminates the need for special PLC cards and counting devices, and further reduces the total cost of the solution by enabling a seamless and simple to deploy reliable wireless connection from the machine/production line.

Variety of Applications

• Object counting of products on a moving conveyor
• Motor rotation counting
• Power consumption metering

Reliable & Robust

Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoCounter provides an ultra-high reliability, which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems. TigoCounter has an Industrial-grade IP67 design, along with immunity to noisy industrial environments, none line of sight communication, and coexistence with other wireless networks


TigoCounter offers a fully integrated all-in-one device with a built-in multipurpose counter and a wireless communication without the need for additional devices



42mm X 32mm X 30mm (excluding M12 connectors)

IO-Link Interface

I/O interface


• Supply Voltage in – 18-32V
• Physical interface – M12


• IO-Link – RGB three color LED
• Power – Green color LED


Pairing – external push button


Internal antenna


Mounting bracket

Ingress Protection



TigoCounter C1 - CT281-0057-01
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