IO-Link Wireless Engineering Tool

TigoEngine - Efficiently Setup IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices

TigoEngine is a software-based engineering tool for efficient setup of IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices. It enables installation, configuration, and monitoring of an IO-Link Wireless system. With an intuitive user interface, TigoEngine simplifies the deployment and maintenance of an IO-Link Wireless system. TigoEngine also enables the aggregation and communication of data from wireless devices to other enterprise and cloud-based applications.

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TigoEngine Highlights

Intuitive Configuration

  • IO-Link Wireless Masters communication setup
  • Simple scan and pair functionality of IO-Link Wireless devices
  • Wireless channels blocklist configuration

MQTT Publishing

Expose Process Data securely to 3rd party applications via secure MQTT Publisher

IO-Link Device Configuration

  •  IODD Finder and Parsing Tool that enables simple configuration of IO-Link Devices
  • On demand (OD) operations, both read and write, to any port
  •  Loading parameters from an IO-Link sensor

Performance Monitoring

  • Packet Error Rate (PER) real-time display – enables analysis of latency and network interferences
  • Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)

Over-the-air Upgrades

Over-the-air software upgrade of IO-Link Wireless Devices enables smooth and efficient maintenance



Windows and Linux (docker enabled)


PostgreSQL (included by default as part of the TigoEngine Installer)

CPU, Memory

Based on number of devices and transactions

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