IO-Link Wireless Engineering Tool

TigoEngine - Efficiently Setup IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices

TigoEngine is a software-based engineering tool for efficient setup of IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices. It enables installation, configuration, and monitoring of an IO-Link Wireless system. With an intuitive user interface, TigoEngine simplifies the deployment and maintenance of an IO-Link Wireless system. TigoEngine also enables the aggregation and communication of data from wireless devices to other enterprise and cloud-based applications.

TigoEngine Highlights

Intuitive Configuration

• IO-Link Wireless Masters communication setup
• Simple scan and pair functionality of IO-Link Wireless devices
• Wireless channels blacklist configuration

MQTT Publishing

Expose Process Data securely to 3rd party applications via secure MQTT Publisher

IO-Link Device Configuration

• IODD Finder and Parsing Tool that enables simple configuration of IO-Link Devices
• On demand (OD) operations, both read and write, to any port
• Loading parameters from an IO-Link sensor

Performance Monitoring

• Packet Error Rate (PER) real-time display - enables analysis of latency and network interferences
• Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)

Over-the-air Upgrades

Over-the-air software upgrade of IO-Link Wireless Devices enables smooth and efficient maintenance



Windows based


PostgreSQL (included by default as part of the CPU, Memory - based on number of devices and transactions
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