TigoGateway 1TE

IO-Link Wireless Master with Edge Computing

TigoGateway IO-Link Wireless Master and Edge Device

TigoGateway 1TE is an industrial-grade IP20 IO-Link Wireless Master with Edge Computing functionality. It supports up to 8 IO-Link Wireless Devices simultaneously and includes interfaces to a variety of Industrial Ethernet and IIoT protocols. The IO-Link Wireless connectivity enables to control sensors and actuators wirelessly, with low latency and high reliability, deterministic and scalable performance.

The TigoGateway 1TE includes Edge computing capabilities, with a Linux OS that is used for a variety of advanced applications, and implementation of business logic (including the TigoEngine software installed on the Gateway). It allows to upload high-resolution OT generated data to the cloud with a secure connection.

The TigoGateway 1TE is Docker enabled.

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Product Highlights

Edge Computing

Includes a Docker container management tool that enables deploying a variety of applications directly on the TigoGateway along with secure data transfer to 3rd party applications either on premise or on cloud

Reliable and Robust

Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoGateway 1TE provides an ultra-high reliability of 1 e-9 PER (Packer Error Rate), which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems, along with an immunity to noisy industrial environments, none line of sight communication, and coexistence with other wireless networks and multiple Wireless Masters/Gateways in the same area.

Simple Configuration

Includes intuitive and user-friendly engineering tools for IO-Link Wireless system setup and host server administration/monitoring

Variety of Use Cases

• Collect data wirelessly from multiple IO-Link Wireless sensors for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
• Communicate with IO-Link Wireless intelligent machine tools, apply edge logic on the received data and transfer the processed data to an analytics/dashboard application
• Communicate with IO-Link Wireless actuators and sensors, apply edge logic based on sensor data and send commands wirelessly to actuator accordingly

Multiple Protocols

Supports a variety of protocols for secure communication both at the OT and IT level – IO-Link Wireless, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, MQTT



25mm X 105mm X 80mm


DIN rail


NXP IMX8 Arm A53: Application processor up to 1.5Ghz speed

NetX90: Industrial Ethernet Connectivity Processor


Industrial Ethernet: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT; 2 x RJ45 – OT PORTS (PLC or similar)

LAN: 2 x RJ45 IT ports


Input Operating Voltage: 24V DC


  • TigoMaster SOM: 1 Track (8 IO-Link Wireless devices)
  • Frequency Range: Unlicensed 2401-2480 MHz ISM band


  • IO-Link Wireless
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA




1 SMA connector

Frequency Range: 2401-2480 MHz

Certifications and Approvals

CE, Canada ISED. FCC, UL, Reach, RoHS

Ingress Protection



Front Panel Indication LED’s

Pairing Button

Reset Button

Embedded Webserver


  • TigoGateway 1TE-PN – CT271-0003t1-01MEC
  • TigoGateway 1TE-EIP – CT271-0004t1-01MEC
  • TigoGateway 1TE-CAT – CT271-0008t1-01MEC
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