TigoHub i4

IO-Link Wireless Multiport Hub

Multiport Hub for IO-Link Wireless Device Connectivity

TigoHub i4 is a Multiport I/O hub that enables IO-Link Wireless connectivity for IO-Link, Digital, and Analog devices. Analog devices can be connected via TigoConverter. Up to 4 IO-Link devices or a combination of 6 IO-Link/DIO devices can be connected to the TigoHub and converted to IO-Link Wireless. TigoHub supports both Class A and Class B IO-Link devices.
TigoHub can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as:

  • Enhancing independent transport track and conveying systems by connecting the TigoHub to multiple devices in parallel, such as grippers, vacuum pumps and sensors on the movers
  • Machine retrofit – converting multiple sensors on a machine (such as vibration, air flow) to IO-Link Wireless devices for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Wireless connectivity of multiple sensors and actuators on robots or cobots to increase flexibility and reduce cabling, payload and maintenance


Product Highlights


TigoHub offers configuration flexibility to support a combination of Class A and Class B IO-Link, Digital, and Analog devices. Analog devices can be connected via TigoConverter.


Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoHub provides an ultra-high reliability of 1 e-9 PER (Packer Error Rate), which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems


Industrial-grade design, immunity to noisy industrial environments, none line of sight communication, coexists with other wireless networks

Multiple Applications

TigoHub is designed to support multiple applications and can be deployed on robot ends of arm, on independent movers, AGVs, rotary tables, carousels and more



70mm X 139mm X 15mm

I/O interface

4x M12


• Supply Voltage in – 18-32V
• Max Output Supply (Class A ports) – 2A (1L)
• Max Output Supply (Class B ports) – 2A +2A (1L+2L)
• Physical interface – 2x M12 L-coded connectors for Power in and Power out


• Power Supply LEDs
• IO-Link Wireless LED
• Ports LEDs
• Digital Outputs LEDs


External SMA connector


2x M4 screws

Ingress Protection



TigoHub i4 - CT261-0007-4P
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