Machine Optimization & Data Collection

TigoLeap – Data Collection, Process Tuning, Enhanced Collaboration

TigoLeap is a software platform for industrial high-speed and synchronous collection and analysis of multi-source OT data. It revolutionizes the methodology of developing machines by providing the tools to visualize, store and share automation and testing related data. TigoLeap is designed to accommodate the needs of both manufacturers, application providers, and machine builders.

TigoLeap is focused on performance improvement and machine optimization, which enables collection of all data types from the machine, root-cause analysis, machine tuning, adjustment of models/processes, and remote access. It is a machine-centric platform with a range of tools and services to enable ongoing optimization of OEE, ramp-up time reduction and optimization, insight generation, and enhanced remote support capabilities.

TigoLeap is designed to be user friendly and cost-effective to fit both existing and new machines. The platform ensures OT level reliability and security, offers both cloud and on-premises connectivity and allows for efficient remote expert support. The solution collects, stores and processes the collected data, along with device management functionality, AI/ML tools, and remote support/access.


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TigoLeap Highlights

Data Accessibility

An edge data collection device that enables short-term data capturing for high-speed analysis, agnostic real-time data capturing of large amounts of data from multiple sources, reading/writing parameters from/to the PLC with a high-resolution, and buffering of data that needs to be sent to the cloud. Provides synchronized time-stamped data to single database, always-on data collection, and visibility while data is being captured.

Process Tuning

Process optimization tool for continuous output evaluation and machine parameter adaptation. Enables artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for ongoing machine optimization, and understanding which parameters have impact on the result of the machine’s process/operation.

Remote Support

Remote access tools for system configuration management, troubleshooting, real-time secure data collection and analysis. Remote access of multiple machines deployed at multiple sites also enables comparing machine performance levels and benchmarking.

Machine Builder Benefits

• Enhanced machine development process
• Faster and more efficient commissioning
• Ramp-up time reduction
• Machine tuning and optimization tools
• Enhanced remote support and team collaboration

Manufacturers & Application Provider Benefits

• Data access from PLCs, IO Link & IO Link Wireless Masters
• Data democratization for variety of personnel
• Parsing and contextualization of data
• Root cause analysis tools
• Data storage for on-premises and Cloud applications

Variety of Interfaces

Vendor and protocol agnostic data collection:
• Industrial Ethernet
• IO-Link


OPC-UA & Industrial Ethernet address space and tag browsing

Read & write OPC-UA & Industrial Ethernet variables

Process and diagnostic data collection and contextualization using IODD

Synchronous data monitoring with multiple PLC’s

Real-time (1msec) monitoring rate

InfluxDB OSS Chronograf and Grafana OSS

Docker based deployment

Secure remote access

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