TigoMaster 1T SOM

IO-Link Wireless Single-Track Master System-on-Module

IO-Link Wireless Master Embedded Module

TigoMaster 1T SOM is an embedded system-on-module for designing and building an IO-Link Wireless Master. It includes the IO-Link Wireless radio and physical components and CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Master software stack. TigoMaster 1T SOM has a single track and supports up to 8 IO-Link Wireless Devices simultaneously.

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Product Highlights


Based on the IO-Link Wireless system specifications, the TigoMaster 1T SOM provides an ultra-high reliability of 1 e-9 PER (Packer Error Rate), which is one million times more reliable than other conventional wireless systems.

Low Latency

Enables development of a Master that can communicate with both IO-Link Wireless sensors and actuators at a low latency of 5msec.


Immunity to noisy industrial environments, none line of sight communication, coexists with other wireless networks and with multiple Masters in the same area.

Simple Development

TigoMaster 1T SOM includes an SDK, reference code and samples to enable a smooth development of an IO-Link Wireless Master

Variety of Applications

An IO-Link Wireless Master based on the TigoMaster 1T SOM is used for a variety of industrial applications:
• Collects data wirelessly from multiple IO-Link Wireless sensors for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
• Communicates with IO-Link Wireless end of arm tooling and devices on robots/cobots.
• Enables smart and adaptive transport track and independent mover systems by wirelessly communicating with devices (such as grippers and vacuum pumps) on-board of fast-moving shuttles/movers.
• Communicates with IO-Link Wireless intelligent machine tools while rotating rapidly on machines such as CNC, grinding and milling.



11mm X 17mm


  • STM32L431CC Cortex™-M4 MCU up to 80MHz with 256KB Flash memory
  •  64Kb EEPROM


  •  IO-Link Wireless Master Stack or IO-Link Wireless Master Lower Stack
  •  SWD programming and debug


  •  Integrated internal chip antenna
  •  U.FL connector for optional external antenna (50 Ohm)


  • UART with flow control (SMI)
  • SPI full duplex with interrupt (5 wires)
  •  9 x GPIOs


LED control output

SOM Interface

Footprint interface of 11mm x 17mm, based on 44 pads for all power inputs and signals


  • Input operating voltage 3.3V
  •  Maximum power consumption – 0.3W

Certifications and Approvals

  • Suitable for Systems Targeting Compliance With: CE, FCC, UL, Japan and other regional regulations
  •  REACH & RoHS complied


TigoMaster 1T SOM-ANTU – CT241-0127t1-02

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