TigoMaster 2TH

TigoMaster 2TH is an industrial-grade IO-Link Wireless Master IP67 technology platform by Hilscher. The CoreTigo TigoMaster 2T SOM is embedded in the 2TH platform.

TigoMaster 2TH supports two tracks of IO-Link Wireless. Each track can support up to 8 devices, thus supporting up to 16 IO-Link Wireless Devices simultaneously. Each transmission track is designed to use its own transceiver and dedicated antenna.

The TigoMaster 2TH includes interfaces to a variety of Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus protocols.


  • Dimensions
    • 30mm X 200mm
  • Physical Interface
    • Fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet – PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT
    • OPC-UA, MQTT
  • Power
    • Input Operating Voltage – 24V
  • Main IO-Link Wireless Master MCU
    • Main MCU – STM32H753
    • Host interface – SPI/UART
    • 400MHz, 2MB Flash, 1MB RAM
    • QSPI – External flash interface (133MHz)
  • Radio
    • TigoRFcore Module
  • Antenna
    • SMA connectors
  • Ingress Protection
    • IP67


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