The TigoStarter Evaluation & Development Kit includes all the components that enable setting up a working IO-Link Wireless evaluation and development environment. It enables getting acquainted with the IO-Link Wireless protocol through a set of API’s, an SDK, sample code, and direct support from our team of wireless communication experts. TigoStarter enables connection of an IO-Link Wireless Master to your own analog, digital or IO-Link sensors/actuators/devices to further grasp and evaluate the functionalities and performance of the IO-Link Wireless standard.


  • TigoStarter offers both an IO-Link Wireless Master and IO-Link Wireless Device full Stack
  • Supports wireless-device connection to NPN, PNP and analog sensors (0-10V, 4-20mA)
  • Supports USB operation and SWD programming/debugging interfaces
  • Includes a fully documented API
  • Includes sample applications of both analog and digital industrial sensors
  • Includes an IO-Link Wireless Master user interface over serial (UART) connection to easily interact with the sample applications
  • Includes a generic HW porting layer
  • The TigoStarter kit includes the following components:
    • TigoMaster 1-Track IO-Link Wireless Master Evaluation Board
    • TigoAir Starter E1 Evaluation Board with analog and digital sensors input interface
    • TigoAir Starter E2 Evaluation Board with GPIOs
    • TigoBridge A1 – IO-Link Wireless Bridge
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Accessories (cables, adapters)
    • Software stack for custom application development
    • Documentation

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