Rotzinger Develops Innovative Adaptive Packaging Machine Enabled by CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Solution

| 20 April, 2023
CoreTigo's IO-Link Wireless products and technology have been integrated into Rotzinger's advanced packaging machinery, resulting in new and advanced capabilities that are driving maximum flexibility, throughput and sustainability.
Andreas Graf
"We are delighted to partner with CoreTigo and to integrate their IO-Link Wireless products and technology into our advanced packaging machinery. This partnership has allowed us to provide our customers with even more advanced capabilities and benefits, resulting in adaptivity, increased productivity, and sustainability."

Andreas Graf

Rotzinger PharmaPack CEO

By utilizing CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless based products which were designed specifically for wireless control and monitoring in factory automation, Rotzinger  now wirelessly control grippers on the movers without needing additional external robots, cables or other types of equipment.

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