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CoreTigo’s solution addresses a variety of industries, such as automotive, food & beverage, rubber & tire, and more. These solutions drive operational efficiency, production optimization, higher availability, and greater intelligence to manage the business.

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CoreTigo’s IIOT Solution

Cable-Grade IO-Link Wireless Transport Track System Communication

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CoreTigo´s IO-Link Wireless Solutions beim TechTalk 2022 (German)




In hazardous and hygienic industrial environments (such as food & beverage), wireless solutions are important for reducing costs associated with very expensive cabling deployments and maintenance, contamination and safety.


Wireless connectivity enables simple and cost effective retrofit and revamp of numerous devices on existing machines, simplifies relocation and upgrades, and new machine deployment.


Mobile rail guided equipment such as large linear robots or drag chains with large cable braids limit mobility and tend to break/tear. A wireless solution reduces maintenance costs and unexpected downtime.


Cabling limits the motion and flexibility of end effectors (e.g. grippers, vacuum pumps) attached to robots/cobots and is cumbersome to deploy. A wireless solution embedded inside the sensor/actuator eliminates the cables and accessories required to run all along the robotic arm. Such a solution increases flexibility, and reduces overall complexity and cost.


CNC, milling & grinding machines require constant data transmission while rotating, moving and cutting at high speeds in harsh environments with extreme conditions. Cable communication and other conventional wireless technologies are not feasible for such data collection. An industrial wireless solution enables ongoing data collection to enable predictive maintenance, data analysis and machine optimization.


Rotary tables/carousels with multiple devices, such as clamps, valves and sensors, are challenging to maintain and deploy. IO-Link Wireless enables machines and production lines with Rotary tables/carousels to incorporate wireless sensors and actuators directly onto the moving and rotating components without needing to run cable communication through the center axis and slip rings. This reduces maintenance operations and enables simple future add-on of multiple I/O’s.


In order to simplify customization/setup of workpieces in a flexible and agile manner, the moving shuttles on transport track systems need to be smarter. It is required to have a low latency and reliable wireless data communication for the sensors and actuators on the shuttles. Current tracks only enable power distribution to the shuttles. A wireless solution enables each shuttle to wirelessly communicate for control and monitoring independently.


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