Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) & Mobile Equipment

Independent and Reliable Wireless Control for Mobile Automation

Overcoming Challenges in AMR Connectivity

Autonomous Mobile Robots face unique challenges in wireless communication, ranging from dead spots, network delays, and interferences in harsh industrial environments. CoreTigo’s solution provides a reliable, independent, and scalable wireless control system to enhance AMR performance on the factory floor.

AMRs require fast and ultra-reliable communication for seamless interaction with equipment on the production floor. CoreTigo’s solution facilitates closed-loop local communication, ensuring high-speed and reliable interactions with minimal points of failure. IO-Link Wireless allows direct communication with PLCs, push buttons, doors/gates, relays, and other actuators and sensors, providing deterministic communication in harsh industrial settings.

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AMRs and mobile equipment with IO-Link Wireless

Wireless Benefits for AMRs & Mobile Equipment

Nonstop connectivity - on the move

AMR and Mobile Equipment with IO-Link Wireless benefits


Closed-loop local communication ensures high-speed and reliable interaction.


Ultra-reliable wireless control enables deterministic communication in harsh environments.


Designed for scalability to support multiple stations on the factory floor.


Simple deployment for connectivity to various sensors, actuators, and PLCs.


IO-Link Wireless coexists with various IT and OT communication systems.


Enhanced mobility enables simple access to multiple machine positions.

Case Study: IO-Link Wireless Communication on Converting Machines

IO-Link Wireless Enhancing Efficiency in Mobile Equipment Monitoring

An Italian Converting Machine Builder faced challenges with the manual connection of forklifts to machines for data collection. This process was time-consuming, error-prone, and often led to broken connectors. Additionally, the need for flexibility in supporting various positions and payloads across the production floor added complexity to their operations.

Solution: In response to these challenges, the company opted for a simple conversion approach, transforming load cells and proximity sensors on each forklift into IO-Link Wireless devices. This conversion facilitated seamless integration and communication of data from the wireless devices to multiple Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and machine entry points. The result was a streamlined and efficient mobile equipment monitoring system, reducing manual errors, improving operational efficiency, and providing the flexibility needed for diverse positions and payloads.

How Does it Work

High Performance Wireless Communication on Mobile Equipment

CoreTigo’s solution provides ultra-reliable real-time wireless data communication for mobile applications such as AMRs, forklifts, and more, enabling them to communicate with stationary applications on the factory floor (e.g. doors/gateways, push buttons, robots).

Each AMR/mobile equipment is equipped with an IO-Link Wireless Multiport Hub (TigoHub) which provides multiple sensors and actuators with connectivity on the AMR itself. In addition, IO-Link Wireless devices (TigoHub/TigoBridge) are connected to stationary applications on the factory floor.

IO-Link Wireless Gateways (TigoGateway) are spread across the factory floor, providing coverage and reliable connectivity on the go.

In addition, the Gateways are connected through the factory network to the fleet management system – communication to and from the AMRs, mobile equipment and other stationary equipment.




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