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Simple, Industrial-Grade and Scalable Wireless Monitoring - Anywhere

Data Collection Enabled by Wireless Connectivity

Data needs to be collected throughout the factory – anywhere and without exceptions, especially in the context of industrial condition monitoring. Access to data from sensors across the factory enables powerful analysis and decision-making, facilitating IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) monitoring and optimization of manufacturing planning and processes. Data-based applications, driven by IIOT, are leading to more intelligent solutions and better planning for efficiency, cost reduction and OEE improvement.

Conventional wireless solutions are not suitable for the harsh demands of the factory environment, scalability to support hundreds of devices within a single machine area, and cable-grade reliability. IO-Link Wireless enables access at the lowest level of automation, on the machine, with seamless and vendor-agnostic cable-free communication, making it a valuable technology for IIOT and industrial condition monitoring.

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Wireless condition monitoring

IIoT and Machine Wireless Communication Retrofit by CoreTigo

Wireless Condition Monitoring Benefits

Factory-wide Visibility

Wireless Condition Monitoring factory

Simple Deployment

Simplify relocation and upgrades of existing machines and production lines


Fit for both fixed and fast rotating moving components


Supports analog, digital and IO-Link devices

Downtime Reduction

Reduce cable wear and tear and unplanned downtime


Hundreds of wireless units in a single work cell or machine area


Cable-grade reliability, noise immunity, coexistence with other networks

Case Study: Energy Conservation

Simple and Cost Effective Deployment Optimizes Maintenance and Drives Operational Efficiency

At the SKF Bearing Manufacturing Plant, the energy used for compressed air accounts for a large amount of the total electrical power consumption. A solution is required to monitor all the machines using compressed air to ensure optimal flow, prevent leakages and reduce waste. Cabling of the sensors from the machines to the network is challenging in terms of cost and deployment effort.

The solution enables a simple and easy to deploy wireless connection from the flow sensor on each machine via CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless solution. An IO-Link Wireless Bridge is connected to each off-the-shelf industrial flow sensor. An IO-Link Wireless Master communicates with the Wireless Bridges over the air and relays the data from the machines to CoreTigo’s visibility software without the need to reconfigure the PLCs. In addition to the flow data, the system also communicates the machine’s operational and availability status.

An array of benefits is achieved, such as annual reduction of energy consumption on compressed air,  improved maintenance processes and reduction of unplanned downtime.

Case Study: OEE Improvement

Making Data Accessible From Anywhere on the Production Line

A USA-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturer operates across multiple sites, each housing hundreds of workstations, consisting of a mix of both new and legacy machines. Due to the blend of manual and automatic workstations, there is a lack of centralized tools for data collection. Also, workstation capacity and performance are non-optimal, and frequent relocation of workstations leads to complexity and downtime.

The solution consisted of the addition of CoreTigo’s TigoCounter wireless counting devices to sensors in designated areas along the production line, providing operators with data visibility and KPIs through the HMI. The data from the TigoCounters was wirelessly collected throughout the production line by CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Masters and integrated into a cloud-based OEE application to utilize it for analytics and actionable insights, as well as to find opportunities for improvement at the problematic workstations.

Manuel Gorbert
"Emerson's Energy Saver, developed with kind support from CoreTigo, sets a new standard in sustainable industrial solutions. By integrating our AVENTICS units with CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless products, we reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions while improving efficiency and lowering costs for our customers."

Manuel Görbert

Product Marketing Manager Discrete Sensors

Claudinei Marchetto Reche
As SKF has the vision of a World of Reliable Rotation, we also support the industry with avoiding unplanned downtime through our competence in monitoring the rotating condition. Moving towards the IIOT, the implementation of wireless sensors improves our monitoring quality, reduces manual operations and enables more frequent data capturing, thus boosting operational excellence and reducing risks. CoreTigo has been key for the success of this process, by developing a secure way of connecting our devices wirelessly to the cloud.

Claudinei Marchetto Reche

President of LAM

How Does it Work

Simple and Scalable

CoreTigo’s TigoBridge IO-Link Wireless Bridge:

  • Connects directly and seamlessly with no integration efforts to any IO-Link Device.
  • Converts off the shelf hubs into IO-Link Wireless – converting the attached digital/analog sensors

Non-IO-Link and IO-Link sensors can be connected to CoreTigo’s TigoHub:

  • Convert up to 6 digital sensors to IO-Link Wireless in parallel
  • Allows mixing IO-Link, digital and analog sensors connection
  • Supports off-the-shelf devices

The TigoMaster:

  • Communicates the data and control in real-time to and from the automation PLC
  • Supports preferred Industrial Ethernet protocol (such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet or OPC-UA)

The TigoEngine Engineering Tool allows efficient setup of IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices.

  • Enables installation, configuration, and monitoring of an IO-Link Wireless system
  • Provides access to monitoring, analysis, visualization, and automation tools.
  • Parses Process Data
  • Contains an advanced MQTT Publisher for IIOT and other enterprise applications located on premise or on the cloud


  • Connects to a Digital output and enables object counting capabilities along with transmission of the data wirelessly
  • Fully integrated counting and IO-Link Wireless device all in one
  • Used for applications such as object counting of products, motor rotation counting or power consumption metering
Condition Monitoring & IIoT - How does it work
Condition Monitoring & IIoT - How does it work

Make Your Industrial Automation Wireless

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