Crossbelt Sorters

Maximum Speed and Versatility for Logistics and Distribution Centers

Independence of Motion for High Flexibility and Throughput

A wireless crossbelt sortation solution offers a multitude of advantages, making it highly efficient and beneficial for the logistics and distribution industry. It stands out for its high capacity and high-speed sortation capabilities, ensuring the swift and efficient handling of a broad range of products. The system is adaptable to various types of items, sizes, shapes, and packaging, providing flexibility and versatility in handling a diverse range of products without compromising efficiency. This adaptability and speed make the solution suitable for different industries and sorting requirements while helping to expedite order fulfillment and reduce lead times.

The wireless solution offers enhanced accuracy due to its speed and performance, thus minimizing errors in routing items to their correct destinations. Moreover, its space utilization efficiency, characterized by a narrow discharge area, maximizes the number of hampers that can be used, optimizing the use of available space. The solution accommodates increasing business volumes without requiring significant overhauls due to its flexible and modular design. In terms of reliability, the system enables maximum uptime, with an impressively low error rate, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted operations.

From a financial perspective, a wireless crossbelt sortation solution proves to be cost-effective, both in terms of deployment and expansion. Its modularity and adaptability reduce initial investment costs, while the ability to seamlessly scale the system and support a diverse range of products minimizes long-term expenses.

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A crossbelt carrier with TigoHub - providing the servo motor with IO-Link Wireless connectivity via a near-field antenna.

Wireless Benefits for Crossbelt Carriers

Increased capacity and flexibility, simplified maintenance and expansion, high reliability

Crossbelt system with IO-Link Wireless

Increased Capacity

Up to 5 meters per second. At least 40% higher capacity and speed than other systems.


Highest wireless communication reliability (one million times more reliable than Wi-Fi).

Resilient & Secure

Near Field Antenna System not impacted by EMC, no external RF radiation outside machine area.

Fast & Precise

Low latency enables fastest speed and narrowest discharge area for handling small items, thus increasing resolution and enabling better space utilization.


Modular design enables simple expansion and deployment.
Simple to replace a single crossbelt carrier.

Cost Effective

Reduced cost compared to other conventional wireless solutions. Reduced aftersales maintenance and commissioning effort.

Case Study: Revolutionizing Sorting Systems for Efficiency and Throughput

IO-Link Wireless Empowers Crossbelt Carriers

A leading USA-based sorting systems manufacturer with a mission to enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize noise pollution in the sorting industry.

The client’s traditional sorting systems relied on large and noisy air compressor systems. These systems were not only energy-intensive but also limited in terms of sorting precision due to their broad discharge areas. Furthermore, they aimed to develop a modular system that would simplify maintenance and allow for easy expansion of sorting lines.

To address these challenges, the client turned to a cutting-edge approach based on a crossbelt system that incorporated wireless servo motors on independent narrow crossbelt carriers controlled by IO-Link Wireless technology.

This solution ensures maximum flexibility, modularity and precision since each carrier is narrow and completely independent. Cable and mechanical components reduction, along with the elimination of air compression units reduce the sorting system’s footprint significantly and improve sustainability. In addition, due to a unique near-field antenna technology, the system enables a secure solution with ultra-high reliability which coexists with other wireless networks in the sorting facility.

How Does it Work

High Performance Wireless Communication on Each Crossbelt Carrier

CoreTigo’s solution provides ultra-reliable real-time wireless data communication for servo motors onboard crossbelt carriers. Each carrier is equipped with an IO-Link Wireless Multiport Hub (TigoHub) or Bridge (TigoBridge) which provides multiple sensors and actuators with connectivity on the carrier itself. The IO-Link Wireless components can also be embedded into the servo motors or other devices by integrating the TigoAir SOMs.

The IO-Link Wireless Master (TigoMaster) communicates wirelessly with all the devices on the carriers and is connected to the sorting system’s PLC for automation control and to other enterprise IT-level applications (e.g. WMS). CoreTigo’s unique near-field antenna solution enables a highly reliable, scalable, and secure solution that can support communication to hundreds of carriers and devices wirelessly without being impacted by EMC and no external RF radiation outside the sorting system’s area.

With this solution, packages are sorted while in constant motion in an agile and synchronized manner. The system’s discharge area is engineered to be the narrowest possible, optimizing its capacity to handle small items efficiently while increasing resolution and space utilization, which is especially crucial in high-speed logistics settings. Furthermore, it offers low latency designed specifically for industrial automation control applications, resulting in the fastest operational speeds. The system’s wireless communication reliability is unparalleled and designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial, high-speed motion applications, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Wireless Crossbelt Sortation Systems - How does it work
Wireless Crossbelt Sortation Systems - How does it work

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