Smart Machine Tooling

Real-time Control & Monitoring at the Tooling Point

IO-Link Wireless Communication for Smart Machine Tooling

Bring a new level of intelligence to tooling machines (CNC, grinding, milling), with a robust wireless communication solution that enables sensors and actuators to be integrated throughout the machine – inside the rotating tools (Jaws, Vices, Cones, Cylinders). CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless solution enables real-time monitoring and control with all the reliability of cable-grade communication, enabling the most precise and robust solution designed for industrial conditions (1000’s of RPM, harsh & noisy environments).

Data Collection (e.g. force, vibration, temperature) at the Clamping/Tooling point while machining enables machine optimization, precise tool setup, predictive maintenance, improved quality and safety.

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IO-Link Wireless smart tooling machine

The iJaw performing clamping force measurement during machining

Wireless Benefits for Machine Tooling

Smarter Machine Operation and Maintenance

CoreTigo Smart Drill

Automatic Setup

Precise workpiece and tool setup without manual intervention

Machine Tuning

Optimize performance and quality through real-time clamping measurement

Improved Safety

Reduce safety hazards and machine damage caused by inadequate clamping forces

Predictive Maintenance

Early indication of wear and tear and production deficiencies

Traceability & Analytics

Measure, document and archive manufacturing process stages in real-time

Case Study: The iJaw Intelligent Jaw

Wireless Smart Clamping

Clamping technology specialist Röhm and CoreTigo have developed the wireless communication solution for the iJaw automated clamping jaw, the first-ever system that measures and automates clamping force in real time during machining.

Gathering real-time data from the actual point of processing has great value for efficiency, safety, productivity, and traceability. Yet, integrating devices on the rotating end has been virtually impossible so far as no cables could be attached.

With the unique and innovative sensory clamping jaw, the “iJaw”, clamping force and additional parameters can be measured in real-time during machining. With its integrated sensor technology and IO-Link Wireless communication, the iJaw eliminates human error and inaccuracies inherent in manual calibration of clamping force.


Download the iJaw Brochure.

Thomas Roth
"The core of our system is the measuring of the clamping force in real-time, during machining. Only cable-less IO-Link Wireless system enables this."

Thomas Roth

Director Business Development

How Does it Work

Integration of the IO-Link Wireless System

End device Integration
CoreTigo’s TigoAir SOM module can be integrated directly into the sensor device and connected to the sensor or actuator as in the case of a smart clamp. A specially designed antenna provides connectivity, and a battery provides the required power.

Machine Integration
Numerous wireless devices (up to hundreds if needed) can be integrated within the machine: on the rotating end, the moving components, and the fixed platforms. Standard IO-Link devices can be connected via the TigoBridge, and other analog/digital devices can be connected via multiple port I/D hubs and the TigoBridge.

Complete Solution
All wireless devices communicate with the TigoMaster via the IO-Link Wireless protocol. The TigoMaster communication is done at the OT level with Industrial Ethernet protocols or OPC-UA to a PLC for automation purposes, and at the IT level to enterprise applications or the Cloud with MQTT or OPC-UA protocols for IIoT, data analysis and monitoring purposes.

How does it work - Smart Machine Tooling
How does it work - Smart Machine Tooling

Make Your Industrial Automation Wireless

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