Transport Tracks & Conveying Systems

Maximum Adaptivity for Machines and Production Lines

Independence of Motion for High Production Flexibility and Throughput

Deliver real-time control and gain an additional layer of independence on transport tracks and conveying systems. CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless communication solution provides cable-grade wireless connectivity for sensors and actuators on dynamically moving machine components. Allowing products to be processed in the most agile and synchronized manner while in constant motion, it eliminates the traditional tradeoff between capacity and flexibility.

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Wireless Benefits for Transport Tracks

Changeover reduction, constant motion, multiple product and package designs

Increased Capacity

Actions can be performed while movers are in constant, dynamic motion

Mass Customization

Fast/automatic changeover and rapid tooling setup for different product types and designs

Footprint Reduction

Reduce need for external automation equipment, support multiple designs with single machine

Enhanced Maintenance

Reduce need for cables/chains/belts, mechanical components, external automation equipment

Downtime Reduction

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Cost Savings

Support a variety of product designs with reduced cost and time to market

Case Study: Achieving Independence of Packaging Machines

IO-Link Wireless Empowers Independent Cart Systems

Flexible manufacturing requires on-the-move control and automation. Machine Builder Cloostermans integrated CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless TigoHub and TigoMaster to extend automation and flexibility offered by a Rockwell Automation iTRAK® based packaging machine.

The solution includes:

  • Deployment of wirelessly controlled vacuum pumps, compressed air systems, and motors on top of each shuttle
  • Real-time monitoring and data flow from shuttle onboard sensors to the main Logix Controller through the TigoMaster IO-Link Wireless Master;

The entire packaging machine is fully adaptive for customized production, supporting hundreds of SKUs on the fly with minimal changeover time and no size-parts.

The solution utilizes Vahle Group’s contactless power system and is applicable for any independent transport track system.

Manu Peelman
"Changeover is key, in the past we had machines running 24/7 for months and months, doing one SKU. Today a lot of customized products need to be handled as a variety of the machine, meaning that the changeover challenge is growing. Our clients sometimes want to change several times a day from one SKU to another, which was in the past difficult for some machines since it needs a lot of additional tweaks, but now eliminating those cables gives us the capability of doing this while the machine is at a stop or even while the machine is in motion. So it can be done very easily."

Manu Peelman

Principal Technical Program Manager

How Does it Work

Integration of the IO-Link Wireless System

CoreTigo’s solution provides real-time data connectivity for sensors and actuators on independent movers with no need for additional external robotics or equipment. Each mover is equipped with an IO-Link Wireless Multiport Hub (TigoHub) which provides multiple sensors and actuators with connectivity on the mover itself. The IO-Link Wireless Master (TigoMaster) communicates wirelessly with all the devices on the movers, and is connected to the PLC for automation control and to IoT and enterprise IT-level servers for data monitoring. CoreTigo’s unique antenna solution enables a highly reliable, scalable, and secure solution that can support communication to hundreds of movers and devices wirelessly.

With this solution, products can be processed while in constant motion in an agile and synchronized manner. Changeover and tooling setup time is minimized, enabling a single machine to handle a broad range of product types and reducing the cost and time to market of applying new types and designs. Machine footprint and maintenance overhead are reduced due to the reduction of cables, chains, belts, mechanical components, and additional external automation equipment. Communication with the movers also enables condition-monitoring capabilities and predictive maintenance.

Wireless Transport Tracks & Conveying Systems - how does it work

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