Designed for Wireless Factory Automation

Low Latency & Reliability

IO-Link Wireless provides a deterministic latency of up to 5msec communication. It presents reliability that is better than 1 e-9 Packet Error Rate (PER). As an example, other wireless standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee demonstrate a PER that is 6 orders of magnitude less reliable (~1 e-3). The reliability is defined to be at par with the quality of wired IO-Link.


IO-Link Wireless is designed to support a large number of devices while still maintaining the required low latency and high reliability. A single IO-Link Wireless Master can support up to 40 IO-Link Wireless Devices divided into 5 tracks. Each track in a Wireless Master can support up to 8 IO-Link Wireless Devices. All tracks of a Wireless Master communicate at the same time on different frequencies, providing an optimal medium utilization. An IO-Link Wireless Cell can support up to 3 Masters with 120 IO-Link Wireless Devices.


IO-Link Wireless is designed as a deterministic protocol. It is based on time and frequency slots, and guarantees that each data packet will be delivered within a bounded delay. There is no uncertainty, as with other wireless protocols, about the arrival of the packet. The low latency and deterministic link create a reliable alternative for cable with all of the advantages of wireless.

Designed for Wireless Factory Automation

CoreTigo is pioneering the IO-Link Wireless communication standard and addressing the manufacturing need for interoperable wireless communication between sensors, actuators and controllers.

IO-Link Wireless is a global mission critical wireless communication standard designed for factory automation based on the IO-Link IEC 61131-9 standard, and defined as a system extension to the already established base technology of IO-Link. It is a communication technology intended to replace the cables for remote sensor/actuator control and monitoring in factory automation. The key features of IO-Link Wireless technology are high reliability, low latency, scalability, deterministic communication, capability of dealing with a high density of clients, and robustness.


IO-Link Wireless is designed to operate at a very high reliability and coexist with other wireless networks along with other potential sources of interference. IO-Link Wireless implements mechanisms such as blacklisting and adaptive frequency hopping among others.

CoreTigo is providing the core wireless technology that fuels IO-Link Wireless. We have teamed up with prominent industrial partners to launch a series of communication products compliant with the IO-Link Wireless standard. Our current partners and customers are diverse and range from sensor and actuator vendors, to manufacturers of robots, end effectors, industrial network component manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators and manufacturing plants.


IO-Link Wireless: The New Standard for Factory Automation

IO-Link Wireless
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