Wireless automation in the smart factory (Spanish Language)

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| 25 October, 2023
IO Link Wireless. A global standard for wireless communication in industrial automation.
IO-Link Wireless technology offers high reliability, low latency, scalability, deterministic communication, high client density capability and robustness, all in a wireless format. It is especially indicated to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and is already being implemented by some of the largest machine manufacturers in the world.

Juan Carlos Bahillo

Responsable Automatización Avanzada

The growing needs for mass customization, operational excellence, and business intelligence are changing the way products are manufactured today in any factory in the world. Read this blog from CoreTigo’s partner Kolbi (Spanish language) and discover how IO-Link Wireless enables machines and production lines to be increasingly flexible, versatile, scalable, and profitable, fitting the requirements of machinery manufacturers facing Industry 4.0.