Wireless IIoT Tech to Unbind the Digital Revolution

New Equipment Digest

| 16 April, 2019
If you're involved with manufacturing, there's a high probability you're getting inundated with reasons to collect more data, to become smarter, to connect everything to everything.
Cables lack flexibility, and the maintenance and total cost of ownership can be pretty extensive.

Apr, 2019 – The examples smack you in the face at tradeshows, clog your inbox and may even appear in this very article. So many actionable insights to be had. You’re practically losing money by not doing it. It’s really the only way to go.

Embracing the Industrial Internet of Things does make a lot of sense, and allows everyone from CEO down to operator to better understand and conduct operations, but there are incidental consequence to dealing when you do connect everything, specifically the mess of cables running all over the place. They allow your machines to stream torrents of data, but they can also make your factory floor look like the bottom of the Well of Souls from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

If you suffer from ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes), you can see why that could be problematic. If you fear downtime even more, drowning in miles and miles of cable causes even greater concern.

“Cables lack flexibility, and the maintenance and total cost of ownership can be pretty extensive,” says Gabi Daniely, chief strategy officer at CoreTigo. The Israeli startup’s overall mission is to “expand the industrial IoT revolution,” which they plan to do by providing custom IO-Link Wireless network solutions for industrial mission critical applications. They connect sensors and actuators to PLCs as reliably and securely as the wired options. “What we’re doing is basically unbinding the industrial space from cables.”

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